May 6 2015

At the Monte d’Avo riding school, qualified instructors teach children as young as three years old. Classes range from beginner to competition level, both in dressage and in show jumping.

Besides riding lessons there are many other activities at the Monte d’Avo riding center, such as grooming and handling of the horses, trail riding on the Vicentina coast, gymkanas and competitions.

Duration 20 minutes
From 5 years on you can start “real” riding lessons however there is no upper age limit and its never too late to start!
Lungeing is when the horse, attached by a lunge line, moves in a circle around the instructor. This gives the rider the freedom to focus on learning to maintain balance at a walk, trot and canter, without being concerned about controlling speed or direction, or reins!
We recommend that everyone, children and adults begin riding with lungeing sessions.

Group lessons
Duration 50 minutes
At the Monte d’Avo riding center, qualified instructors teach students from the age of two. Classes range from beginners to competition level, both in dressage and in show jumping.

When students are able to control and ride their horses on their own they will progress from lunge lessons to group lessons, with a maximum of five students in each class.

Those who already know how to ride well, can always improve with clinics, private lessons or more advanced classes in dressage or show jumping. In these classes you can prepare for riding center contests or national competitions.