May 6 2015

It’s almost like having your horse at home but with the advantage of having an excellent team to look after him!
We take care of your horse as if it was our own, providing a safe and suitable environment.

The horses are housed in 3x3m masonry box stalls. We like to get to know both horse and owner to be able to recognize at every moment what is in the best interests of both.

We handle all routine tasks: call the farrier at the right time, accompany the horse for shoeing and vet visits and solve all minor concerns, such as deworming and vaccinations.

Basic board
In addition to the box stall, basic board includes feeding (horse feed & hay, twice daily), cleaning the stall & grooming your horse. Additional feed such as carrots, extra hay, competition feed or vitamins, may be organized depending on the needs of each horse.
Cleaning and feeding are executed with great care and competence.
Included in the basic boarding option we will lunge your horse at least once a week.

Training and Classes
Boarded horses are worked according to the owners wishes. From breaking in new horses to training them for competitions we ensure correct training for jumping, dressage or leisure riding. Our instructors are accredited by the Portuguese Equestrian Federation and have the necessary experience.

Depending on the specific needs of each horse, we can provide any combination of work from lunging to riding