May 6 2017

We organize hacks for groups or individuals. We hack out almost daily.

Are you visiting the Alentejo region of Portugal? Well if you are, then you owe it to yourself to experience the wonder of the land from horseback. Ride through this one-of-a-kind masterpiece of nature and learn about the history and mystery that surround us here.
On your ride you can experience the beauty and wildlife that are the hallmarks of the Alentejo. At Monte d´Avó Equestrian Center in Cercal, much of the countryside that we ride in has been designated as conservation areas, so it should come as no surprise that some of the most beautiful horseback riding in the Alentejo can be found here as well.

There are several trail opportunities from our Riding Centre:

1 hour tours: 25 euro
– Monte d’Avó ride (step)
– Cattle ride (step and jog)
– Catifarras ride (walk, trot & canter)

2 hour tours: 50 euro
Round lake Barqueiro (step)
Sea view route (step and jog)
Large round lake Barqueiro (walk trot and canter)

3 hour tour: 75 euro
Route lake Maroteiras and Barqueiro

Daytrip: 150 euro
Picnic ride to the Campilhas Dam

For people with little to no experience, we offer the package ``lesson and outside ride``. This costs € 50.00 (Total duration 90 minutes) A short lesson is given to the driving gear to learn the most important principles, such as holding, urging and bending left and right. We also work on the posture on the horse. After this one will make an outside ride, and feels guaranteed a lot more secure!